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Truck Dock


  • The truck dock top comprises of a powered roller deck to transfer Air Cargo ULDs between Cargo warehouse systems and road-going trucks.
  • BDP also supply truck dock manually operated deck mounted on a hydraulic scissor lift. (i.e. ball mat or caster deck).
  • The truck dock's deck is able to ‘side-shift’ by up to 300mm to line up with truck. (Optional).
  • A ULD winch with can be fitted to assist in the unloading trucks. (Optional).
  • Deck drive is interlocked with any adjoining air cargo handling system to ensure the truck dock is correctly aligned before freight is transferred.

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Truck Dock


Truck dock is a floor-mounted scissor lift with powered or unpowered deck, for loading/loading aircraft pallets (ULDs) to/from road vehicles and warehouse systems.

Technical Data:

Longitudinal deck transfer speed

18 meters per minute

Side shift lateral speed

3 meters per minute

Deck raise and lower speed

8 meters per minute

Roll Plane Height


Load Capacity

18 metres per minute

Side shift range

up to 300mm

Min closed height

508mm above floor level


The Truck Dock scissor lift and lower frame are suitably sized and designed to prevent tilt during load transfer between interfacing equipment. Note: 20ft Truck dock version may incorporate two scissor lift mechanisms in tandem.

The hydraulic power unit is a compact unit mounted in an easily accessible position in the warehouse. This allows maximum access to isolators, motors, valves and pipe connections etc. for maintenance and repair purposes.

Maintenance safety props are provided for maintenance or repair purposes.

The Safe Working Load (SWL) is permanently marked on two opposing faces of the scissor lift conveyor deck as on the operator control system.

Truck dock operation can be interlocked with interfacing roller shutter door, where applicable. This is to prevent damage to door, equipment and freight load.

Rising Roller Impact Barrier & Safety Curtain

This comprises of a heavy duty rising roller impact barrier with impact resistant cross member and integral powered roller system that automatically raises and lowers in conjunction with Truck dock.

The barrier is designed to prevent impact shock load damage to the Truck Dock from interfacing mobile equipment.

Truck Dock

Truck Dock