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Right Angle Transfer deck for uLDs 


  • Comprises of two interleaved fabricated chassis frames forming a narrow edge type powered roller conveyor in one plane and a wide edge powered wheel conveyor in the opposite plane.
  • Roller and wheel shafts run in heavy duty bearings sealed and permanently greased for life and are linked by chains and dual sprockets.
  • Chains and sprockets are engaged 180 degrees.
  • Cover plates are easily removable for maintenance purposes.

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Right Angle 4-way Transfer Deck


The powered right-angle transfer deck enables the transfer of a pallet or container in any of four directions.

It is often used to transfer units to and from WEP airside dollies, to NEP warehouse systems.

The BDP design allows the unit to operate fully electrically, without the need for hydraulics.

Technical Data:

Roll Plane Interface

508mm approx.

Roller Deck Capacity



133mm diameter

Roller/Wheel deck drive

Powered by 1.1kw electric gear motor with brake and manual

disconnect clutch

Container Transfer Speed

18 meters per minute

Walkway Infills

between all rollers


Rollers and wheels are set at 300mm centres interspaced with non-slip walkway infills.

Rollers / wheels are set at nominally 300mm centres interspaced with non-slip walkway infills.

Wheels are raised automatically when required for a right-angle transfer operation.

Wheels automatically lower if the rollers are operated, or if the controls are not used for a pre-set time.

The number of pallet sensors on the wide edge sides of the deck is determined by the number of ways on and off of the right-angle deck.

Right Angle 4-way Transfer Deck

Right Angle 4-way Transfer Deck