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Transfer Vehicle (TV)


  • Transfer vehicles can be supplied with fully or semi-automatic controls and can be operated by a single operator. They come complete with an operator platform,chassis base frame including wheel drives and supporting a superstructure with powered full width roller deck
  • BDP bespoke control systems, available to suit the operation.
  • Transfer vehicles can be supplied as 10ft, 15ft or 20ft units, with Safe Working Load (SWL) of up to 14,000kgs.
  • The TV incorporates a powered, full width roller deck, frictiondrives, and pallet sensors to accommodate air cargo pallets and containers.

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10ft 2-way / 4-way Slave Pallets

10ft 2-way / 4-way Slave Pallets


The 20ft Transfer Vehicle (TV) is designed to run in an enclosed track area, interfacing on both sides with system equipment.

The TV provides a fully or semi-automatic operation, or can be operated locally. TVs are typically used for single level storage and retrieval of air cargo freight and ULDs.

Technical Data:

Load Capacity


TV Travelling Speed

‹100 meters per minute

Creep Speed

3 meters per minute



Roller bed Transfer Speed

18 metres per minute

Roller plane height

508mm above floor level

Maximum Load Height


Maximum TV width


Travelling Aisle Width


TV Roller Deck Width, Inside Guides


TV Roller Deck Length


Side guide height above roller plane


Docking accuracy


Roller surface level error


Ground Rail Linearity

± 1mm

Ground Rail Parallelism

± 1mm

Lateral Deviation of Ground Rail

± 3mm over total length of installed rail

Vertical Deviation of Ground Rail

± 3mm over total length of installed rail

Safety Sensors

Overhanging containers from storage racks

Overhanging containers from TV deck

Over height control

Track obstruction

Pallet sensors

Safety Systems

End of Aisle Automatic Slow Down

Emergency Stop buttons

Audible and visible (flashing beacon) alarms

Emergency Fall Back

Traction drive brake releases

Deck drive brake releases

Auxiliary towing bars


Surface mounted rails: S14 crane rails to DIN 5901 having a minimum tensile of 500N/mm squared, normally supplied in lengths of 6 or 12 meters.

Three control modes: manual control and semi-automatic and automatic control.

The powered roller bed deck is supported on a roller bed carriage with full width folded steel walkway plates between each roller for operator access with a walkway on each side complete with hand rail.

The rollers are powered by electric motors, and driven via interconnecting 180-degree wrap around chain on double simplex sprockets.

20ft transfer vehicle roller beds are fitted with 4 drive motors, two on the powered 20ft deck and one on each end roller for the friction drive operation.

Conductor Rail:

Insulated conductor rail and double spring operated power collectors.This rail can be mounted above or below the transfer vehicle

20ft Transfer Vehicle

20 Ft Transfer Vehicle