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Lowering Work Stations for Air Cargo applications


  • The lowering workstation comprises of a powered roller deck mounted on a scissor lift.
  • The gap between rollers is infilled to provide for safe operator working.
  • Manual stops can be provided at each end of conveyor deck with photo electric sensors for air cargo pallet (ULD) control and positioning.
  • Lowering workstations can optionally be supplied as “drive-over” unitsk, capable of taking full the weight of a loaded fork lift truck.

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10ft 2-way / 4-way Slave Pallets

10ft Lowering Work Stations


The Lowering Work Station is installed in a pit, complete with a powered narrow edge or wide edge roller bed top, or manual/GRC tops, mounted on a scissor lift. If required a “drive over” top can be supplied. Lowering workstations are designed to allow air cargo freight to be lowered below floor level to facilitate build/break operations when constructing air freight pallets 

Technical Data:

Load Capacity

> 6,800kgs

Lifting speed

3 meters per minute

Roller bed Transfer Speed

18 meters per minute in both directions


Heavy-duty steel safety guard is provided around deck platform to help eliminate trap points.

Scissor Lift

The scissor lift is bolted to the base of the pit with chemical anchors to prevent tilt during load transfer
between interfacing equipment.
Maintenance props are hinged at the base for easy operation. These allow for safe maintenance and inspection accessibility.

Weigh Scales

Weigh scales can be incorporated into Lowering Work Stations.
The load cells are connected to a digital readout and can be supplied with ticket printer.

10Ft Lowering Work Stations (WEP & NEP)

10Ft Lowering Work Stations (WEP & NEP)