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 Drop bed for freight transfer between heights (surface mounted)


  • Comprises of powered roller deck or caster deck top mounted on a hydraulic lifting mechanism.
  • Chassis is floor mounted, and allows for the lifttop to travel up and down from as low as 200mm, and typically up to 600mm
  • As the system is floor mounted, there is no need to an expensive pit to be constructed.
  • The deck can be ordered as WEP or NEP configuration, and come with pallet restraints at either end.

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Surface mounted drop bed


The drop bed is designed to allow operators to take freight from dolly-height (typically 508mm) to slave pallet or low-level build/break height of 208mm, without the need for a pit. It comes complete with a powered or non-powered narrow edge or wide edge presentation top, as appropriate. The deck is raised and lowered using four hydraulically operated rams. The hydraulic compensating system keeps the deck level. Powered or manual pallet stops are also included as required and depending on the operation.

Technical Data:

Load Capacity

> 6,800kgs

Lifting speed

3 meters per minute

Roller bed Transfer Speed

18 meters per minute in both directions


Lift system

The lift is suitably sized and anchor bolted to the ground to prevent tilt during load unit transfer between interfacing equipment.

The hydraulic system includes pipe burst valves to prevent the lift falling uncontrollably in the event of a pipe being damaged.

Toe trap protection is available to suit the installation.

Surface mounted drop bed

Surface mounted drop bed