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Powered Roller Conveyors 10Ft / 20Ft for air cargo transfer


  • Comprise of powered roller beds with full width 133mm diameter steel rollers mounted in fabricated frames.
  • Rollers are supported with self-aligning bearings bolted between two rolled steel channels which project 50mm above the top of the rollers to form side guides.
  • The gap between rollers on conveyor deck can be fitted with infills to provide operator access where required
  • Bi-directional for flexibility and redundancy

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Powered Roller Conveyors 10ft 20ft


Powered roller conveyors are an integral part of any air cargo handling system. The are normally supplied in 10ft sections, but can be made in bespoke sizes to suit requirements. Each section is powered by a 1.1kw brake motor. BDP specialise in providing bespoke control systems to integrate as required.

Technical Data:

Load Capacity

< 6,800kgs per 10ft section, <13,600kgs per 20ft

Roller diameter


Transfer Speed

18 metres per minute (60ft/minute) in both directions

Power Drive

1.1kW braked electrical motor and gearbox chained via sprockets to the rollers.


Photoelectric sensors are installed at each end of the decks to control safe freight movements (Using BDP designed control systems).

The drive motor is supported on a drive assembly framework bolted under one of the side members with adjustment for the drive chain.

A simple method of disconnection is provided to release the motor/gearbox brake in the event of supply failure.

Powered Roller Conveyors 10Ft 20Ft

Powered Roller Conveyors 10Ft / 20Ft