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Castor Deck for air freight applications


  • The BDP castor deck is of rugged Construction
  • Castor deck is cost effective
  • Allows easy multi-directional movement
  • Our modular castor deck design allows storage areas to be quickly created or re-configured
  • Bespoke castor deck systems and shapes can be supplied
  • Castor deck is simple to maintain

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Castor Decking


Castor decks can provide a simple and cost-effective solution for versatile ULD handling. The modular design allows other equipment such as GRC decks or ball mat to be easily added as work areas within the cargo system. The simple design is low maintenance and offers a long-life solution. The decks can be installed at a minimum of 208mm to allow for low-level operations. The decking can also be designed around the Client’s facility in bespoke shapes.

Technical Data:

Load Capacity

< 7,000 Kg

Transfer Surface

Galvanised top deck with heavy duty castors

Pallet Stops

Manual ‘Flip-up’ or powered, to suit the operation:

88” x 125” Pallets

96” x 125” Pallets

Custom sizing

per 10ft section

~ 1,200 Kg


The decks comprise of a 4.5mm thick, durbar patterned steel top, welded to ‘C’-section steel framework. The assembled module is flat to within 1.5mm.

Mounted within the top plates are Zinc Plated heavy duty casters with toe protection.

The units are securely fixed to the warehouse concrete floor using chemical anchor bolts.

A low-level fork-tyne barrier is offered to protect the beds from Forklift Truck damage.

Caster Decking

Caster Decking