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Turntable - powered for uLD handling applications


  • The ULD turntable uses an anti-tilt mechanism for stable rotation
  • The turntable comes with a manual override of rotation drive system. In the event of power failure this allows manual freight movement.
  • The turntable rotation system is inverter driven for accuracy of docking.
  • It come with steel chequer plate infills between rollers and in crescent sections for operator safety

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10ft 2-way / 4-way Slave Pallets

10ft Powered Turntable


The turntable is used to position loaded or empty air cargo freight and ULDs in the correct orientation for transfer to/from other elements of the customer's air cargo handling system. The powered roller deck is bi-directional and forms an interface between powered roller conveyor lanes at 90° or 180°.

Technical Data:

Load Capacity

> 6,800kgs

Turntable diameter

4,400 mm


+/- 180°

Rotation Speed

20 seconds for 180°

Transfer Speed

18 metres per minute

System Drive

1 x 1.1 Kw motors


The turntable consists of the following basic elements:

  • Base Frame
  • Rotation Mechanism
  • Roller Deck or Right Angle Deck
  • Turntable circular contour extensions

The frame is a rigid steel construction anchor bolted to the concrete floor. The rotation mechanism centres, supports and electrically rotates the deck with its circular contour extensions. Rotation is achieved by means of an AC torque motor.

The accuracy of turntable positioning after a programmed rotation is such that the centre line of the deck on the turntable and the centre lines of the adjacent decks are not offset to each other by more than 3mm under any load condition.

Four support wheels are installed underneath the corners of the deck, which run on a continuous circular rail. This prevents tilting of the turntable during ULD transfers.

10ft Powered Turntable

Powered Turntable