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‘Split’ Lowering Work Stations for ULF build/break operations 


  • Comprises of 2 x 10ft roller decks mounted on twin 10ft scissor lifts.
  • Can be operated as 1 x 20ft or 2 x independent 10ft decks
  • The gap between rollers is infilled to provide for safe operator working.
  • Manual stops can be provided at each end of each deck. Decks are provided with photoelectric sensors for pallet control.

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‘Split’ Lowering Work Stations (WEP & NEP) 


The Split Lowering Work Station is installed in a pit, complete with 2 powered narrow edge (NEP) powered roller beds mounted on the twin scissor lifts. The controls allow the lifts to be used as one 20ft unit, or as two individual lifts. They are designed to allow freight to be lowered below floor level to ease build/break operations when constructing air freight pallets.

Technical Data:

Load Capacity

> 6,800kgs

Lifting speed

3 meters per minute

Roller bed Transfer Speed

18 meters per minute in both directions


The Split Lowering Workstation can be selected to work as two separate 10ft lifts, or in 20ft mode. When in 20ft mode, the two halves electronically ‘follow’ each other as though one solid 20ft lift.

Access for maintenance is from an area formed into the pit end, which is covered in with a heavy-duty steel plate incorporating an access hatch and ladder.

Heavy-duty steel safety skirts are provided around the deck platform to help eliminate trap points.

Scissor Lift

The twin scissor lift is bolted to the base of the pit to prevent tilt during load transfer to interfacing equipment. The maintenance props are hinged on the base and raised into position by air operated cylinders. This is to provide for maintenance or inspection accessibility.

Weigh Scales

Weigh scales can be incorporated into the Lowering Work Stations.

The load cells are connected to a digital readout with optional ticket printer.

‘Split’ Lowering Work Stations (WEP & NEP)

'Split' Lowering Work Stations