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Ball Mat Decks for aircraft pallet transfer


  • Ball mat is of modular design
  • Non-slip working surface
  • Durable stainless steel ball units 
  • Heavy duty units available
  • Self-cleaning ball units

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Ball Mat Decks


Ball Mat decks are manufactured in modular sections for ease of transportation, handling and relocation at a later date, if required.

The modules comprise of a rigid frame fabrication incorporating steel top plates, located upon a rectangular hollow section steel framework. The assembled modules are installed and levelled to form a seamless working platform at any system height from 130mm to 508mm.

The steel top plates are removable for ease of handling and secured by countersunk screws.

Top plates are painted with a durable non-slip paint surface for operator safety. Paint colour is as specified by the customer.

Technical Data:

Load Capacity

  • < 14,000 Kg (with heavy duty ball units)
  • 5,600 Kg per m² with 32 units in square formation
  • 6,825 Kg per m² with 39 units in diamond formation

Transfer Surface

  • Non-slip painted 
  • Self-cleaning Ball Transfer Units


  • Manual “flip-up” 
  • Foot operated
  • Twist action 
  • Located to suit variety of pallet sizes


The ball mat modules comprise of a 5mm thick steel top plate, located upon a rectangular hollow section steel framework. The assembled module is flat within 1.5mm. Top plates are painted with highly durable “Safety Grip” non-slip paint.

The Ball Mat top plates house stainless steel ball units 32mm diameter, arrange either in a square matrix, providing 39 balls per square metre, or in a diamond matrix providing 32 balls per square metre. Each ball unit has a capacity of 175kgs. All ball units are best quality self-cleaning design, and riveted in position.

The Ball Mat modules are securely fixed to the warehouse concrete floor using M16 anchor bolts. Adjustable legs allow for levelling of the modules to any system height.

Ball Mat Decks